Shane McMahon Will Face The Undertaker At Wrestlemania 32

Shane McMahon Will Face The Undertaker At Wrestlemania 32 - After interrupting the Chairman, Vince McMahon, Shane had to face the consequences. He need to face the Phenom Undertaker at main event Wrestlemania 2016. This match has to be set after Shane confront his father and sister at Monday Night Raw. He said that Stephenie and his husband HHH have taken the company to the ground. Then he to have full control over Monday night Raw. His father, Vince made a deal that - If he beat his opponent at Wrestlemani 32, he will have full control over WWE RAW. The difficulties have never ended here for Son Mcmahon, as Vince have added that, Shane have to face the Undertaker in "Hell in a Cell" match.

Shane McMahon is the Undertaker's Opponent at Wrestlemania 32:-

Shane McMahon Will Face The Undertaker At Wrestlemania 32

So, finally all the Wrestlemania 32 Rumours have come to an end about - Who will face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32? There were so many rumours, names like Braun Strowman, John Cena, AJ Styles, The Sting were popped out time to time but finally Shane McMahon is set to be the next target for the Phenom to add one more milestone in his tremendous career. Meanwhile, his brother-in-law, the CEO HHH is also defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns which could be one of the most favourite game this year Wrestlemania.

The Undertaker Vs Shane McMahon Hell in a Cell Match:-

The match between the Undertaker and Shane McMahon is going to be "Hell in a Cell" match. It is the most favourite style of match for the Undertaker which is also known as Devil's Playground. The phenom have great winning record in "Hell in a Cell" match. He have 12 Hell in a Cell matches so far in which, he won 6 games. Winning and loosing is not really matters when in comes to Hell in a Cell against the Undertaker but, the brutal beat down that took place under the cell with the perfectionist is going to scare Shane McMahon again n again.

Now, if seems like there is no way Shane could defeat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. We understand that it's all scripted, but can you imagine how absurd it would be looking back on the legacy of one of WWE’s greatest stars and seeing that he went 23-2, with the only losses being to Brock Lesnar and Shane McMahon?

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