5 Wwe Wrestlers Who Could Win Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 32

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 2016 Predictions - Two years back, WWE have started another royal rumble event at Wrestlemania which is know as Andre the Giant Battle Royal. The wrestler who could last long in the ring finally declare the winner. Cesaro won the 1st battle royal whereas Big Show have won the 2nd. This time, there are some other promising WWE superstars who could win this glorious trophy. Let's find out who could do this miracle for 3rd time.

5 Wwe Wrestlers Who Could Win Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 32
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1. Braun Strowman - 
The Black Sheep and the huge factor of the success of Wyatt family, Strowman could win the 3rd Andre the Giant Battle Royal. He is huge, WWE wants to give him some exposure to enhance his fear in the Industry. He looks stronger and danger in the ring ans he can throw any WWE superstar out of the ring very easily. And who knows, may be he get help by his co-partner Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

2. Rayback - 
The Big Guy absolutely need some good exposure in WWE. He is strong, he have show many times that he could be the x-factor in the industry. He have won many good matches. His In-ring capabilities are very perfect. Andre the Giant Battle Royal win could give him confidence to face the Inter-continental Champion Kalisto at Wrestlemania 32.

3. Big Show - 
The Largest Athlete when step up in the ring, he is the most experienced and dangerous WWE Wrestler for sure. Big Show have won the last year Battle Royal so he know the tactics. KO punch is going to take down may superstars in the ring but this year, his face off with Braun Strowman in Andre the Giant Battle Royal is going to be very excited. May be this face off could give birth to new feud in WWE.

4. Bray Wyatt - 
Like Royal Rumble 2015, Bray Wyatt this time too going to take advantage of family members to take down every hurdle which comes in front of his win. The new face of fear, Bray Wyatt is very smart in and out the ring. He knows how to play games but, could he make things happen this time? Could Bray Wyatt wins the Memorial Battle Royal 2016 or One of his family member is going to refuse his wish.

5. Kevin Owens - 
Fight Owens Fight, now this what Kavin Owens only thing knows. He is very dangerous in the ring. He is quick, he is cunning as well as his hunger to win make him different from other WWE Wrestlers. When is come to multi player fight, he is the 1st one who make alliance and beat down other wrestlers. Let's see what Kavin Owens can do to win Andre the Giant Battle Royal 2016.