5 Reasons Why Dean Ambrose Will Beat Brock Lesnar at WM32

Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar is going to be the best match on the WrestleMania 2016 card. It consist two of the best wrestlers in the company in a No Holds Barred stipulation that is sure to deliver thrilling action. Brock Lesnar have lost in Triple Threat match at WWE Fastlane, He vicious attack on Dean Ambrose and make things personal. On the same day, Dean have challenge Lesnar for No Hold Barred Street Match at Wrestlemania 32. Read - The Lunatic Vs Beast WM32 Match Prediction.

5 Reasons Why Dean Ambrose Will Beat Brock Lesnar at WM32

The Beast is a war machine and the Lunatic Fringe is the perfect weapon of fight to test his ability. Of course Lesnar look more stronger that Ambrose but don't you dare to take the Lunatic light. He is a hardcore fighter. His prior reason to challenge Lesnar for No Hold Barred match is that he can take full advantage of weapons and chairs and hammers.

Let check out the top 5 reason why Dean Will Beat Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32 -

1. Dean Can Better Use the Weapons - 
We all know that Beast have all power by his own, his main weapon in the ring is German Suplex. But on the other hand, Dean just want to beat opponent on any cost. We can see, everytime when his opponent is bigger that him, The Lunatic use to take full advantage of Chairs, Ladders and other available weapon around him. And How could we forget that, He beat Lesar with the chair at WWE Fastlane.

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2. Dean's Fearless Attitude - 
The Lunatic Fringe has no fear of the Beast. Not only Beast but he have no fear froem any other wrestler. When he got involve in WWE Fastlane triple threat match. He stand face to face with lesnar for 2-3 times. Lesnar beat him down man times but still Ambrose keep a smile on his face which snatch Lesnar's smile everytime. It will disturb the Beast this time too and distract him which could cost him in fight.

3. Lesner's Over Confidence - 
After defeating The Undertaker at Wrestlemani 30, Brock Lesnar seems over confidence all the time. This thing have cost him so many fights after that. This time, he is under estimating Ambrose which could cost him at Wrestlemania 32. The Beast better need to focus on a match instead of beating wrestler at parking lot all the time. His over confidence could take him down at WM32.

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4. WWE Have Other Plans for Brock Lesner - 
Brock Lesnar isn’t going to be around WWE after WrestleMania, whereas Dean Ambrose will be. Even upon returning, Lesnar is expected to feud with either Bray Wyatt or Braun Strowman. It isn’t as if he needs to be going into those matches off the back of a Mania win, as he’ll likely be beating either Bray or Braun. His feud with wyatt family is never ended. 

On the other hand, people wants to see Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns 2 which could happen at Wrestlemania 33. It seems no long term feud between Ambrose vs Lesnar becaue the beast's role in WWE is only to create "Next Big Thing" and Ambrose is not looking like that.

5. Lesnar Is Present, Dean is Future - 
The Beast is the present and after Wrestlemania 32, He will be the past of WWE. WWE already gave so much attention to Brock Lesnar by giving him victory over the Undertaker. Now, Its time to change things up. The Lunatic Fringe is setting up things for him. He have a long career in wrestling. Putting him in more big fights in future could be the best for business.

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