Top 10 WrestleMania 32 Predictions That Could Happened

Top 10 WrestleMania 32 Predictions That Could Come True - The main event Wrestlemania 32 is on the edge now. There are so many rumours and predictions made by WWE fans about Wrestlemania 32 matches.

Top 10 WrestleMania 32 Predictions That Could Happened

Romours are made about Goldberg returns, Batista Returns. Earlier, the whole WWE universe was thinking about Legend vs Legend match between Undertaker and John Cena but the phenom has booked against Shane McMahon.

The Rock have also announced his presence at AT&T Stadium on 3 April for Wrestlemania 32 main event. Now, will he have a fight or he will support his cousin Roman Reigns against HHH. There are so many superstars are waiting for their entrance at main event. Let see, what could happen at Wrestlemania 32 in Top 10 Wrestlemania 32 predictions. -

10. AJ Styles & Y2J Chris Jarico will Beat The New Day:-

There is an amazing alliance made between the phenominal AJ Styles and Chris Jarico. Both are best wwe wrestlers having so much of experience and in-ring techniques. They always perform seriously. If this alliance goes on till Wrestlemania 32. They could beat the New Day very easily if they could manage the interuption of Xavier Woods.

9. John Cena Will Make Surprise Return at Wrestlemania 32:-

John Cena Will Make Surprise Return at Wrestlemania 32
Image Via WWE

WWE Wrestlemania could not be that much interesting without Big Match John. John Cena is the huge asset for WWE and they could think to give a huge main event to 15 times world champion. No matters how much injury John is having but everyone knows that he cant sit home for long. Already, John has missed the WWE Royal Rumble 2016.

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8. A Bloody Fight - HHH Vs Roman Reigns:-

Last year, Roman Reigns destroy HHH after Sheamus cash in his money in the bank for world heavyweight championship belt. This year, HHH made his return and beat Roman so bad and broke his nose. There was blood all over the floor. We all know how bad Roman could take revenge of it. We can predict that the fight between HHH and Roman Reigns is going to be the Bloody One.

7. A NXT Superstar Will Win The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal:-

NXT is also gaining its popularty day by day. We have already witness Bo Dallas, Xavier Woods and Kevin Owens success in WWE Raw and Smack-down. The 1st edition of Andre the Giant was won by Cesaro and 2nd by Big Show. This time, it could be the bad ass NXT superstar Samoa Joe. He has experience, he has techniques, he is very clever in the ring and It could be the perfect moment to enter WWE Raw for Samoa Joe.

6. Dean Ambrose Will Beat Brock Lesnar in No Hold Barred Street Fight:-

We all know that Dean is real lunatic. He is a bad ass guy, he never keep himself down. He also showed that when the Beats Brock Lesnar attacked him at WWE Raw. The things what goes in Dean's favour are - He is young and carry more endurance. He can take hello lot of beat(we have seen it many times). He loves street fight and last but not the least, event the authority cant be able to put this man down.

5. Triple H Will Beat Roman Reigns for WWE World Heavyweight Championship:-

Now, this feud is going very long. Roman Reign cant cut himself from the race of WWE World Heavyweight Chamiponship and Triple H won the Royal Rumble and again come in the way of Roman. Not only WWE but the WWE Universe wants to put this feud in end and this could only happens when someone comes in Roman's way. Triple H is the authority and he can play games very safely to keep the title so this result could be happened.

4. Seth Rollins Will Cost Roman Reigns The Victory:-

Seth Rollings, the Authority's favourite kid could once again take all spotlight away from Roman Reigns. He was holding the championship belt when he got injured. The moment when Roman seems winning the match, Seth Rollings will return to ruin his victory. It could also be Triple H's plan B.

3. Sting Could Help Roman Reigns Against Triple H:-

As we already see so many times that, the Icon Sting saves superstar from the dirty game of Authority. So he understand how bad Triple H could go to keep the title. The moment when Roman seems victorious, Triple H will do something which is aganst the rule and that moment, Sting could save the match for Roman Reign and help him to win WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a right manner.

2. Bill Goldberg Will Return for Brock Lesnar:-

Brock Lesnar is the ass kicker, he only know how to beat down his opponent. In last 10-12 year, he destroy so many WWE superstars but the only man who stood tall against him was Goldberg. Both don't like each other but the time has come to control the Beast's destruction and Goldberg is the only one who could do this. Reports have show that, WWE is trying to get Goldberg back alteast for 6 month to one year.

1. The Rock Will Interrupt By Wyatt Family:-

The Rock, as every year make a huge entrance at Wrestlemania. He is always the centre of attraction of WWE fans. But this time, he could be interrupt by the Wyatts. The Wyatts ha no one to take on right now. Last year, they beat the Undertaker after his match against Brock Lesnar. This time, they want more exposure. On the other hand, The Rock is also trying to have a big match in WWE. It seems that his wish is going to be fulfilled at Wrestlemania 2k16.

Thats all we have top 10 Wrestlemania 2016 predictions. There are lot more could happen at the main event. Stay with us to get the latest updates.