Top 5 WWE Wrestlers Who Could Return At Wrestlemania 32

Wrestlers Who Could Return at WrestleMania 2016 - From last some years, there are so many WWE superstars are out out ring due to some crucial reasons. Wrestler like John Cena who cant stay at home without wrestle a day or the Viper Randy Ortan is also out of action for a while. Now, Wrestlemania 32 is the perfect time to make their come back in the ring.

Top 5 WWE Wrestlers Who Could Return At Wrestlemania 32

Now only present WWE Wreslers but, some superstars who left WWE in the past could make there huge return at Wrestlemania 32. WWE Universe wants to see them in action once again and this is going to be best for business if they could make things possible.

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No one is sure what WWE is thinking and how they run the industry but here we have 5 Possible Wrestlemania 32 Returns Predictions which could happen this year.

1. Randy Orton Returns - 
Randy Orton is out of action from last 6-8 months. The 12 times WWE World Heavyweight Champion is the prefect weapon of warfare. He is out from the ring due to legit shoulder injury. Last year at Wrestlemania 31, Orton beat Seth Rollins with an amazing RKO, Now, its the perfect time to make a come back and settle things down with the authority.

2. John Cena Returns -
The 15 times world champion and the most influencial WWE superstar at present, John Cena is out of the ring fro quite a while. On January 7, 2016, Cena underwent surgery on a shoulder injury, which would keep him out of action for an undisclosed amount of time. Big Match Cena is someone who couldn't keep himself away from the ring for long time. Last year, Cena beat Rusev for United States Championship. This year, if he returns, who is going to be his opponent at Wrestlemania 32?

3. Seth Rollins Returns - 
The Authority's favourite kid, Seth Rollins is out of action from last 4-5 months. On November 4, during a match against Kane at a house show in Dublin, Ireland, Rollins tore the ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus in his knee while attempting to execute a sunset flip powerbomb. At that time, Rollins was WWE World Heavyweight Champion. At Wrestlemania 32, when HHH is going to take on Roman Reigns, if any moment Reigns seems to gram the belt, Rollins could return to make things difficult for him. This could be Authority's Plan B.

4. The Rock Returns - 
From long time, The Rock is trying to have one last match at Wrestlemania. Last time when he was in ring, he got beat by John Cena at Wrestlemania 29. We have also seen that he try to convince HHH for one more match by The Game refused to fight. Everyone know, how big the Rock vs John Cena matches at Wrestlemania 28 an 29. If The Rock once again is able to get the match, I am sure that people are going to be crazy as hell.

GOLDBERG...GOLDBERG....GOLDBERG...This is the chant you can oftenly hear in arena. Today, the Beast Brock Lesner is having fear in WWE Industry. Hi is strong, he can dismantle any superstar with his German Suplex. But nobody forget his fued with Goldberg and how Goldberg take Brock Lesner down many times inside the ring. Goldberd have a record of 173-0 before he got defeated by the Undertaker. WWE, from last few year is trying to get him back for atleast 6 months. May be it could happen at Wrestlemania 32 when the wish of WWE fan could come true.