WWE Wresltemania Results; WM 32 Matches Winners 2016

Wrestlemania 32 Results 2016: SO finally the most popular WWE event, The Wrestlemania 2016 take place here at AT&T Stadium, Texas. What an exciting fights there was. WM 32 Matches between, Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose, Hell in a Cell fight between Undertake vs Shane McMahon and HHH Vs Roman Reigns for WWE World Heavyweight Championship battle.

WWE Wresltemania Results; WM 32 Matches Winners 2016

WWE Wresltemania Results Predictions 2016 So Far:-

There are millions of WWE fans witnessed WM 2016 this year. Most of the though that, it was an easy for the Beast to beat Lunatic Fringe or an easy victory for the Undertaker over Shane McMahon but the present circumstances are not in their favour.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal 2016 Results - 
In out article 5 Wwe Wrestlers Who Could Win Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 32. If you read the article, you can understand why there 5 WWE Superstars are the perfect contender to win 3rd Andre the Giant Battle Royal. But I must say, He could be anyone from NXT too.

Wrestlemania 2016 Hell in a Cell Match Result Prediction - 
As we know that, Chairman have made this fight necessary for both the wrestler. If Shane loose, he will get no control over WWE RAW, if Undertaker Loose, It will be his last game in WWE. Now, both needs to win, so there must be an interference in the fight. But who will be the man - Is John Cena Come back or someone wants to save McMahon in the fight.

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Wrestlemania 2016 Lesnar Vs Ambrose Street Fight Match Results -
Everyone is thing that the Beast can easily beat Ambrose. He is more stronger and having more experience that Dean Ambrose but the fact is bit different here. After coming back in WWE, Lesnar is having a perfect role of making "Next Big Thing". Dean is a good wrestler but he isn't seems what WWE wants. In fact, WWE have some future plans for the Lunatic Fringe. According to me, Dean Ambrose is going to defeat Brock Lesnar in Street fight at WM32.

Triple H Vs Roman Reigns WWE World Heavyweight WM 32 Results - 
Now, this is something which must be come to an end on this WM 32. Fued between Roman and HHH is long ago. This time, Roman Reigns is going to settle things up. But the Game is not as easy to beat. He is not be able to beat Roman in the ring so he must have a plan B. But what will be his Plan B? Must be the return of Seth Rollins.

The New Days Vs League of Nation 4 on 3 Tag Team Championship Results - 
The New Days have always take advantage of number games. They put down so many superstars but this time, League of Nation is going to settle things down. The fight for Tag Team Belts is definitely favour LON. League of Nation under the leadership of Sheamus is looking very strong and the time has come to take the belts away from New Days.

Kalisto Vs RyBack WWE Intercontinental Championship Match Prediction - 
Finally the big guy is going to get Intercontinental Championship Back. No doubt, Kalisto is very entertaining in the ring and he is going to give a great fight to RyBack but this time, RyBack play safe and going to beat Kalisto.

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The Usos Vs Dudley Boys Wrestlemania 32 Results Prediction - 
Dudley boys attacking Usos for long time. This time, Usos have a perfect chance to take revenge. Both Jimmy n Jay Usos are the 3rd generation superstars. WWE don't want to stretch the feud between Usos and Dudley boys. Now, it comes to an end. Dudley boys are the past of WWE but the Usos have so much to do more in future. So, my result prediction goes in Usos' favour.