The Undertaker, John Cena & 5 Possible Survivor Series 2016 Returns

The Undertaker, John Cena & 5 Possible Survivor Series 2016 Returns - Survivor Series has a wonderful history of "WWE Superstars Returns". Last year, WWE fans had witnessed the Icon Sting helped team Cena to win over Team Authority. How could the fans can forget that The Undertaker, The Rock, Sting and Kurt Angle had their debut in Survivor Series. Check also - Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar Survivor Series 2016 Possible Result

In this Survivor, there are 5 WWE superstars who could make a huge return to stun the WWE universe. The phenom Undertaker has confirmed to make a return but who are the other 4 Wrestlers who wants to appear once again to put huge impact? Well, Nobody is sure but with the recent activities and deep analysis of WWE, we are showing you 5 possible survivor series 2016 returns.

Big Show - 
Big Show; Possible Survivor Series 2016 Returns

Braun Stroman is looking unstoppable and he is desperate for the real challenge. The time has come to give him a real challenge. There is no one stand in front of Braun than World Largest Strongest Athlete Big Show. He is not showing up from the last couple of weeks. Now survivor series 2016 could be the best platform to make a return.

John Cena - 
John Cena; Possible Survivor Series 2016 Returns

Let's Go, Cena...Cena Sucks! Yes, you must me missing this chant from a long time. John Cena is well popular for making WWE Surprise Returns. And when we are talking about the survivor series which means Raw vs Smackdown, how could WWE keep him away from joining his team. In the final segment of Survivor Series 2016, anything can happen and the world could witness John Cena joining his team to make a final save.

The Undertaker - 
The Undertaker; Possible Survivor Series 2016 Returns

WWE has confirmed that the Undertaker will appear in 900th episode of WWE Smackdown. But, who knows that the Deadman could also make his way to the ring at Survivor Series to celebrate blue brand(Smackdown).

Triple H - 
Triple H; Possible Survivor Series 2016 Returns

The Boss, Triple H is being absent from since he helped Kevin Owens win the Universal Championship, screwing over Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in the process, earlier this year.

Last year, he was there when Team Authority is competing against Team Cena. There are huge chances that Triple H will be there at Survivor Series 2016 to make a huge impact in the 5-5 traditional elimination in any possible way.

The Rock - 
The Rock; Possible Survivor Series 2016 Returns

The Rock ha a huge fan following. He is well famous for make WWE Shocking Returns. WWE fans have witnessed that he was insisting Triple H for One more Match. Triple H could be returning at Survivor Series 2016 to help his team of any team member. The Rock can make a huge statement in the main event to reignite the historical feud which can lead their possible match at Wrestlemania 33.

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