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WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Winners List, 2017 Royal Rumble HD Video, Hd Photos, Match Results

Finally, what an amazing show it was. The world has witness The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg in the same ring. Braun Strowman was looking very strong before her eliminated by Baron Corbin. John Cena has made a history today. Total 3 titles were changed in three matches.

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  • John Cena Beats AJ Styles to become 16th time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Kewin Owens Beat Roman Reigns for Universal Championship after Braun Strowman interfere.
  • Gallows & Anderson beat Cesaro and Sheamus for Tag Team Championship.
  • Charlotte defeat Baylay for WWE Women's Championship.
  • Newcastle's Neville wins Cruiserweight title
  • Randy Orton Wins the Royal Rumble 2017

John Cena makes the history after beating AJ styles. He won the WWE title for the 16th time as equal to Nature Boy Ric Flair. He looks really promising throughout the match. He won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after back to back AAs to AJ styles.

In the Royal Rumble Match, Brock Lesnar once again get embarrassed by Goldberg. Goldberg enters the ring and spear Lesnar and throw him out of the ring and eliminate the beast very quick. However, he himself was eliminated by The Undertaker after few minutes. Roman Reigns enters at number 30 and he eliminated Chris Jericho and The Undertaker. He finally eliminated by Randy Orton. Randy Orton deserves to be a winner for the 1st time.

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We have full hd videos of royal rumble 2017 matches. In case if you miss the live action, you can watch the videos in HD or you can download royal rumble 2017 videos for free.

John Cena Vs AJ Styles for WWE Title Match at Royal Rumble 2017

Now, the world is going to witness once again two rivals face to face at the grandest stage. John Cena Vs Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 33. It could be interesting.

Randy Orton posing after winner Royal Rumble Match - 

The Undertaker Eliminate Goldberg in Royal Rumble 2017 Match Video -
The phenom eliminates Baron Corbin as then Goldberg who look really promising. Goldberg spears the Undertaker before getting eliminated by him. It was the match-changing moment. Check out the video -