WWE; Top 5 Wrestlemania 33 Opponents for The Undertaker

Wrestlemania 33 The Undertaker: The Undertaker once again going to wrestle at the Show of the Shows, the Wrestlemania 33. He was keeping an ultimate track record of 20-0 before the beast Brock Lesnar defeated him at Wrestlemania 30. In his marathon career, the Deadman has defeated almost all the WWE legends. In the year 2017, the only question that popping up in WWE Fans' mind is - Who Will be The Undertaker's Opponent at Wrestlemania 33?

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As the WWE authorities must be planning for The Undertakers Opponents at WM33, we have listed 5 best WWE Superstars at present who can fight against the Phenom at the grandest stage of all, Wrestlemania 33.

Top 5 WWE Superstars as Te Undertaker's Opponent at Wrestlemania 2017

Finn Balor:

The Demon king is going to make his return at Wrestlemania 2017. But, on which grounds he can return. Finn Balor got injured at Summerslam 2016 in the match against Seth Rollins. The WWE Universe knows how incredible this man is in the ring.

Finn Balor is dominating in WWE Fans' hearts. People wants to see their Demon king back in action. What more WWE can provide him by making him The Undertaker's Opponent at Wrestlemania Axxess.

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The Big Show:

As similar to The Deadman, the Big Show is also on the last days in his WWE career. Big Show Vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania would be an amazing showdown. Both Superstars are on the senior level in the WWE Industry. Although, Big Show have fought against the Undertaker in a handicap match at Wrestlemania 19, still if that match happened, it could be an emotional one.

Kurt Angle:

Kurt Angle has recently introduced as the Hall of Fame. But, as the rumors prevail that, Kurt wants to fight one last time in WWE.

The Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle once revealed how The Undertaker once asked him to be a man to end his Wrestlemania winning streak.

Now as the Streak has already broken, The Undertaker still love to fight against one of the best wrestlers in the industry.

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Roman Reigns:

The Powerhouse Roman Reigns is the man who eliminates The Deadman at WWE Royal Rumble 2017. The Big Dog right now is dominating WWE. He have power, he have the strength and he is the one to whom, Brock Lesnar has never beat till now.

If Roman Reigns Vs The Undertaker happened and Reigns beat the Phenom. He and Brock Lesnar will become the only superstars who have beaten The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. This fact can turn up Reigns Vs Lesnar once again which could be an amazing showdown for WWE future.

John Cena

Here comes the Cena. The man standing top of WWE industry at present. John Cena has recently become 16th time World champion before losing to Bray Wyatt at WWE Elimination Chamber.
The Undertaker have fought almost all the WWE Legend superstars. he has never fought against Cena at Wrestlemania. As John Cena is a man of huge respect. He could be the one who can make things fair for the Undertaker.

If John Cena Vs the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33 happens, it could be one of the best ever match in WWE History.