WWE Wrestlemania 33 Match Card, Rumors, Predictions 2017

WWE Wrestlemania 2017 Matches - The roller coaster ride of WWE fights is going to another level. WWE annual main ever, Wrestlemania 33 is going to take place on 2 April 2017 in Orlando, Florida. The world is going to witness Brock Lesnar Vs Goldberg part three. Bray Wyatt will defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The Undertaker once again will fight at Wrestlemania. The demon king Finn Balor's return and last but not the least Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 4.

WWE Wrestlemania 33 Matches List:

Brock Lesnar Vs Goldberg(WWE Universal Championship) - 

Recently, Advocate Paul Heyman challenged Goldberg for one last fight. Goldberg has accepted the challenge to make it official. So, once again the world is going to witness Brock Lesnar Vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33. It is going to be huge because it could be the last fight between both superstars.

Match Prediction - Brock Lesnar

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Bray Wyatt Vs Randy Orton for WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

The former "Brothers" are going to face each other at Wrestlemania 33. Randy Orton have successfully defeat AJ Styles to get the opportunity for World Title match.

Match Prediction - Randy Orton

John Cena with Nikki Bella Vs The Miz with Maryse - 

John Cena has won WWE world title for 16th time which he has lost in Elimination. There was an old rivalry took place in the Elimination Chamber. Now, things are going to be settled down at Wrestlemania 2017 when both couples take on each other in a mixed tag team match.

Match Prediction - John Cena with Nikki Bella

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Triple H Vs Seth Rollins - 

Recently, we have seen that Seth Rollins called out Triple H. In the next segment Triple H have planned to attacked Rollins by Samoa Joe. Seth Rollins got injured in the severe attack. However, he could recover before WM 33 and return to face The Game.

Match Prediction - Seth Rollins

The Undertaker Vs Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is the superstar who eliminates the Deadman at Royal Rumble 2017. He will face Braun Strowman at WWE Fastlane 2017. What next? The Undertaker may have his last Wrestlemania and what better he could face that the Powerhouse Roman Reigns.

Match Prediction - The Undertaker

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Bayley Vs Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks(WWE Women's Championship)

Bayley have successfully defend her championship against Charlotte with the help of Sasha Banks. Now, It is going to be a Triple-Threat match for WWE Women's Championship at Wrestle Mania 2017.

Kevin Owens Vs Chris Jericho(United States Championship)

Kevin Owens attack Chris Jericho at Monday Night Raw. Now Y2J is out of action for a while. But he is not a superstar who can sit back. It must be Owens Vs Jericho at Wrestlemania 2017. It is going to be an amazing showdown for Y2J fans. Jericho holds United States Championship at present.

Match Prediction - Chris Jericho

Andre The Giant Memorial Battel Royal 4

It is going to be 4th Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Very soon, WWE will announce the participants. 

Match Prediction - Samoa Joe

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